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Q: How can ASC help your organization?

A: We provide customized, live, interactive, engaging workshops on equity related topics.

Q: What sets ASC apart from other Equity Training?

A: At ASC we evaluate/assess an organization's strengths and areas of growth with relation to staff culture, climate, and communication skills. We then work collaboratively with you to customize a consulting and training package that specifically addresses your company's equity and inclusion goals.

Q: What does Equity Training look like during COVID?

A: ASC has transitioned all of our training materials and workshops to a virtual platform while still maintaining the same level of  community and connection that makes us unique.

Q: How does ASC create a climate for this deep work?

A: ASC provides a strong set of norms and highly structured activities that provide the level of safety needed for participants to engage deeply and authentically.

Q: We are on a budget; will ASC work with us?

A: All ASC programs are customized from how many workshops, to the content of our workshops, along with the cost.

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