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About Us

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 Camille Fisher  
 I am a Black, Christian, Queer, cisgender woman with experience teaching math to diverse high school and middle school students for the past 9 years. My experience in education includes training teachers on new math curriculum, on equal access for students, and on exploration of identity with relationship to student achievement. Currently I am passionate about improving communication and building identities within communities of teachers, students, and professional work spaces. 
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Deb Brill: 
 I am a Jewish, white, heterosexual, cisgender woman.  My work experience includes currently being the Executive Director of Students Services, preceded by being a middle school principal for nine years, teaching sixth grade, and being a Safe and Inclusive Schools Coordinator.  Previously, I have worked with diverse populations directing after school and summer camp programs.  I’m also certified in Conflict Resolution and Mediation in the workplace, and have worked with a range of organizations to troubleshoot, hold one-on-one and group mediations.  I have done team building and DEI workshops for groups of non-profit staff. I also have experience bringing organizations through a visioning process. I have done extensive Restorative Practices trainings for schools.
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