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About Us

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 Camille Fisher  
 I am a Black, Christian, Queer, cisgender woman with experience teaching math to diverse high school and middle school students for the past 9 years. My experience in education includes training teachers on new math curriculum, on equal access for students, and on exploration of identity with relationship to student achievement. Currently I am passionate about improving communication and building identities within communities of teachers, students, and professional work spaces. 
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Deb Brill: 
 I am a Jewish, white, heterosexual, cisgender woman.  My work experience includes being a middle school principal for the past six years, teaching sixth grade for thirteen years, and being a Safe and Inclusive Schools Coordinator for three years.  Previously, I have worked with diverse populations directing after school and summer camp programs.  I’m also certified in conflict resolution and mediation in the workplace, working with youth offenders, and doing team building and diversity workshops for groups of non-profit staff. I also have experience bringing organizations through a strategic planning process.
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