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Services for Businesses and Organizations

Social Distance
Building Culturally Responsive Communication Skills with a Lens of Intersectionality

This training is recommended as the first training for your organization. The workshop will be structured to create a brave space.  Participants will gain a foundation on intersectionality and practice using language for having critical conversations with people of all identities.  
Our training include:

  • Culture, Ethnicity, & Race

  • Gender Identity & Sex, Gender spectrum/Transgender 

Meeting Room
Components of Workshops
  • Structure to create a brave space for employees to voice concerns and growth for the organization.

  • Bringing people into space through foundational, culturally-relevant communication activities

  • Examination and Inspiration of resources such as videos and articles

  • Journal reflection in response to resources and in the reflection of one’s own experiences

  • Small group sharing

  • Connection to the work environment

  • When desired, our PD can include a plan of action and next steps as a work culture

Consultancy and Tailored Services
We consult around a variety of topics such as
  • Strategic planning
  • Hiring practices
  • Retention strategies
  • Individual and small group coaching 
We offer mediation in groups and in pairs
  • Support individuals in organizations with hard conversations
  • Strategically build towards a better group dynamic
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