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Services for Schools

Smiling Teens
Building Culturally Responsive Staff
  • We provide workshops that create a brave space.  Participants will gain a foundation on intersectional communication that create culturally responsive classrooms. 

  • We provide individual and small group coaching that support teachers in developing the skills to create restorative and successful classroom environments.​

Create an inclusive &  connective school environment

​We support schools with developing positive and inclusive school cultures that include the following leverage points

  • Common and positive school-wide norms 

  • A physical environment that reflects the diverse identities of students

  • Support teachers with inventorying and enhancing the curriculum through an  intersectional lens  

  • Adding components to support students' school connectedness such as Affinity groups or peer restorative justice programs

Classroom Lecture
Reduce suspensions and build meaningful alternatives
  • Support the examination of disciplinary practices through a restorative lens

  • Create restorative responses to behaviors
  • Develop a behavioral matrix that is reflective of a restorative school and reduces suspensions 
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