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  • Transform to be a restorative school

  • Drastically reduce suspensions

  • Learn the leverage points to create a school environment where students of all identities feel a sense of belonging

  • Invest in a teaching staff that embodies Culturally Responsive Practices

  • Attract and retain a diverse set of employees

  • Create a professional environment where employees of all identities feel a sense of belonging, thus increasing productivity and longevity

  • Equip your employees with the skills to have difficult conversations that clear the way for synergy

  • Maximize the potential of all employees

Aware Seek Communicate (ASC) can provide the solution to your equity challenges by providing customized, engaging, and interactive programs that create meaningful and long-lasting change.


[I learned] That I am so ready for this work. That I have so much to learn/unlearn. Opportunities for looking into my own experiences along with hearing other experiences pushes me to grow in ways I do not always prioritize without the structured time. Every time, I walked away with shifts I will make in my teaching practice. Thank you so much for facilitating this growth.

That small group work using similar cycle is a powerful way to continue the work around inclusion and equity. 

The program is invaluable and the first year's work has laid a foundation for continuing the work for next year.  In order to effectively support the academic and social-emotional needs of the students in the district, programs like ASC give the district's educators a place to professionally collaborate to share and reflect on their own biases, and best practices. The next step with the ASC program should include curating and developing a district-wide resource of funds of knowledge. This would include tools, strategies, lessons and assessments teachers can implement in their classrooms. 

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